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Our model


You’ll like the way we do things differently

nGAGE applies a business model which is unique and it’s helped us become the leading player in the country for specialist recruitment. As an enablement engine, we provide a dynamic structure which gives people both a platform and the freedom to thrive. It is our belief that genuine talent coupled with ownership and accountability is the single most powerful growth driver and when this is matched with a concise set of business rules, firm governance, and passion to match the right people to the right positions, the possibilities are endless.

nGAGE is extremely diligent about allowing recruitment businesses to join our fold. We look for entrepreneurial partners who can complement our divisional fields of excellence and who will help us execute our strategy of becoming the UK’s specialist recruitment company of choice.

The development of our culture has been core to our team’s achievements to date and the growth of the group in recent years. Start-up businesses have been able to flourish into compelling businesses and acquisitions have been able to integrate successfully into the wider portfolio, allowing them to continue their rapid growth.

We offer the best of both worlds

The diagram below highlights the space that nGAGE operate in between single brand recruitment companies and individual speciality providers. It’s a good space to be in. It’s where we can add the most value to our portfolio whilst helping to deliver the most effective results for their clients.

Our award-winning platform provides shared overhead and support services, allowing our brands to focus on growth, rather than administration. The shared infrastructure model, encourages scalability and creates security on a national level. By being technological innovators, nGAGE is able to grow faster and stronger than our competitors, who are not able to offer the same degree of support, mentoring or peer networking.

Venn-diagrame 2016

Single brand recruitment companies

National footprint and scalable technology enabled platform Economies of scale drive higher margins Superior brand recognition within our markets

Speciality recruitment companies

Expertise to fill difficult positions
Strong market presence within niche areas
Entrepreneurial talent can maximise potential and impact

Single brand recruitment companies

Speciality expertise can get lost within a single brand
Risk of impersonal relationships with speciality talent and smaller companies requiring greater expertise
Key internal talent can get lost within bureaucracy

Speciality recruitment companies

More vulnerable to local market upheaval Limited capital and ability to provide meaningful back-office support functions Limited brand recognition, leading to potential difficulties in attracting top talent.