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Retinue Housing announces contract with Orbit

Specialist managed service provider, Retinue Housing has announced an innovative new hybrid RPO contract with Orbit, one of the UK’s largest housing providers with over 40,000 homes under management.

The contract, signed by both parties in June, kick starts a long-term partnership between the two organisations. Underpinned by its proprietary VMS, ATS and Bank technology, Retinue will deliver temporary and permanent recruitment services across Orbit’s portfolio.

Additionally, Retinue will work alongside their academy and talent team to recruit and retain the very best people, to support Orbit’s ambitious growth strategy over the next five years.

The partnership will see Retinue acting as ambassadors of Orbit’s brand, delivering a candidate-focused service that is consistent with Orbit’s 2020 vision. Retinue will also support a number of social purpose initiatives, including apprentice recruitment drives, as well as helping Orbit’s customers find new job opportunities.

Retinue Housing CEO, Jason Bowler commented, “We are genuinely excited and really proud of our new partnership with Orbit.  Through delivering real strategic value, the contract will support Orbit’s aim to become the employer of choice across the UK.”

Commenting further on Retinue’s approach, Bowler added, “Our expertise and position as the market leader within housing will enable Orbit to realise efficiencies, improve processes and attract the very best talent available. This will ensure that Orbit can deliver against their strategic aims and objectives and further cement their position as sector innovators.”

Orbit’s Executive Director of People, Craig Wilcockson commented, “We firstly commissioned Retinue to help understand the improvements and efficiencies we could make to our current approach. This then enabled us to work closely with Retinue to build an innovative recruitment model to support us with our ambitious growth strategy.”

He added, “We are absolutely delighted to agree this partnership with Retinue. They clearly understand the challenges the sector faces, and their offer of blending a consultative approach with innovative ideas has helped along the way.”